Two writers meet at WeWork and fall in love—or something like it. One is a famed novelist, and the other is a nobody who's mostly funny on Twitter. One is nearing middle age, and the other is flailing through their twenties. One is White, and the other is definitely Not. As they mate, date, and cohabitate, they'll grapple with issues of race, sex, power, and the model minority myth, all to find out who's really on top.

After her divorce, a forty-something former teen mom returns to her childhood home after being estranged from her family for almost two decades. But with the collision of her return and her glamorously overbearing mother's 70th birthday, their family homestead soon explodes in an uproar of hidden truths and harbored secrets. With Santo Niño prayers, karaoke and chicken adobo, God Will Do The Rest exposes the complicated ways Filipino Americans grapple with their love and duty to family.

Nick's dog died—and life decides to bite back. Between battling grief and drowning in mourning, Nick relives growing up brown, overweight and Catholic; coming of age with a killer illness; and disorderly navigating his twenties with bipolar. But with newfound loss in his heart, he finds hidden trauma behind the memories he thought were the truth.

Rose is the most popular girl at North Bay Hills High. She’s all that! But, don’t touch her Asian hair or you’ll live to regret it, because she puts the mean girls to shame. Judy is the new girl at school, and she's clueless—and dreams of being just like everyone else. But her dreams soon become reality when Rose lures her into the glamorous world of being a badass bitch, and in true teen movie fashion, turns her from a basketcase into a princess. But it’s not easy being popular and fabulous at North Bay Hills. And Judy's teen dream soon starts to unravel and she's forced to choose between her life before and after.

Everything sucks for high school kids Bliss, Olivia, and Miles. Bliss is a dreamer but she's knocked up and knocked down, Olivia is a lover with no one to love her back, and Miles is an orphan who would kill to have a family. And together they sling back slushies, barf down chili cheese fries, and try to sort out their lives in the most dangerous ways. They're unloved and fucked up...and it's whatever. A coming-of-age story about finding love and creating family.

Harlow is an “It Girl” famous for her fame. After a string of disastrous public meltdowns and a sex tape scandal, she tries to rehab her image, but when her father throws a lavish party in their mansion, she's tempted again by Hollywood's excess—and by one her father’s social-climbing employees. What follows is a dangerous game of seduction as the two battle each other in a struggle for power and an escape from their trapped existences.


A strong-willed matriarch reminisces with her grandson on all the things their histories have taught them. This 10-minute play explores intergenerational disconnect and weighing your wars to make sure you're not fighting for nothing.

Under a moon that the sky won't see for another ten years, Luca and Uri share a fateful night that will test their beliefs in love and destiny. Yet on another unforgettable night, under that same gem in the sky, a decade of lost love and found purpose dares to change the path of their lives forever. A 10-minute play about the bookends of love and how the stories told in between become folklore.

Nicholas is a narcissistic attention seeker. But he's also shy. Nicholas is Asian. But he's also probably Filipino. Nicholas' last name is Pilapil. But he isn't sure how to pronounce it. A solo play about all the Nicholases—and all his contradictory but stuff.
Harry is a simple man. He loves his dead mom, his Jesus-loving grandma Poppy, and he just wants to find the girl of his dreams. But, when he finally falls in love, Poppy does everything to stop it. Because, no one is good enough for her grandson...especially the cat Harry's fallen in love with.