tv writing

Format: Hour-Long Drama-Comedy
Logline: A white-washed transracial adoptee struggles to find her Asian identity, but when her high school’s Asian Baby Girls—girls known rebellious tendencies and killer Asian Pride—get a hold of her, everything changes.
Comps: Euphoria meets Never Have I Ever

Format: Half-Hour Comedy
Logline: After his dad dies, a big city Asian American millennial looking for his big break, returns to his small town and reunites with his estranged family. There he learns his family needs him more than ever and he’s forced to choose between following his dreams and helping to rebuild his broken family.
Comps: Ramy meets Nora From Queens

MILO co-written with George Salazar
Format: Half-Hour Comedy
Logline: A mixed-race New Yorker, is forced by his subconscious to reexamine his life, sending him down a rabbit hole of his memories to answer the question: “Why do you only date white men?”
Comps: I May Destroy You meets The Flight Attendant